What began as a social media hash tag (#SickOfIt) almost two years ago, the Sick of It Foundation has become an organization that aims to continue the fight against Sickle Cell Disease. We advocate for and support sickle cell warriors and their families and raise funds towards the advancement of research and quality care for sickle cell patients.


Jori is a giving, creative, and collaborative leader and advocate. Her skill and passion for combining business with creative arts and social issues led her to work with numerous academic and non-profit organizations as an effort to perpetuate individual, community, and organizational development.


Smith’s keen insight for branding and entrepreneurship has taken her from an administrative director position for Echelon Twelve, where she co-developed Spelman College’s premier fashion and creative arts organization, to branching out on her own as the co-founder of Sick of It Foundation.


A true wonder woman and a sickle cell warrior herself, she strongly believes in the power of giving back to under-serviced communities. She has led and participated in numerous community service projects throughout the Southeastern region, as well as, mentored countless youth back home in the Heart of Dixie.


"Living with Sickle Cell has presented me with great challenges however, I consider myself blessed to be able to thrive despite the disease. I count it as not only a duty but a divine responsibility to advocate for my fellow sickle cell warriors. I am so excited to embark on this new venture with my family."


Jori is a 2017 graduate of Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and has a Masters of Management degree from the Wake Forest School of Business.

Hello! I am Jarren A. Smith, co-founder of the Sick Of It Foundation.


I was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, AL and reside in Tallahassee, FL, where I attend Florida A&M University majoring in Business Administration. As a sickle cell anemia warrior, my journey, like many others, has not been easy.


Being a former athlete, I dealt with many complications due to this disease, and it took a toll on me mentally, as well as, physically. Dreams of being a “normal” high school student were often abandoned as I had to trade school, basketball practice, and games for days of being bed ridden to cope with the pain from the disease. At its worst, I had to be hospitalized during my 10th grade basketball season, quickly decimating my dreams of being in the NBA one day.


So, you see? My journey was full of roadblocks and derails; however, it was not until a friend commended me for my strength during that journey, that I remembered how much resilience it actually takes to conquer those roadblocks and handle those derails. At that moment, I became a sickle cell overcomer, and it is that overcoming strength and resilience that circulates throughout #SickOfIt Foundation. Together, we will not stop being #SickOfIt until there is a cure.